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Get your diet program via WhatsApp with Celibirty Personal Trainer Shredded Diesel

Step 1:


Consult with Shredded Diesel and discuss your past and present fitness history via WhatsApp

Step 2:

Diet Program

Followed up with your consultation please allow 3 to 7 days and you will receive your diet program via WhatsApp

Step 3:

Consult & Monitor

Shredded Diesel will consult & monitor your improvements weekly via WhatsApp to make sure you stay on plan with your diet program.

Booking appointment:

Consultation Fee:

* 600 QAR per consultation visit.

Diet and workout Program ( supplement program is included optional )* 1200 QAR

Package * 3200qtr

Package will include the following:

* Diet Program

* Workout program

* Supplement program

* 4 consultation visits to monitor your improvements

The customers will get fitness consultancy on the following

1. Diet & nutrition

2. Workout

3. Supplement

4. Any thing related to fitness and nutrition

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WhatsApp personal training
QAR 1285
Consultation Fee
QAR 600
Diet and workout Program
QAR 1200
QAR 3200


1. Fitness Look With A 6 Pac
2. BodyBuilding
3. Fat Burn & Lose Weight
4. Competition Preparation
5. Recover From An Injury Or Surgery
6. Build Strength & Power
7. Prepare For An Event
8. Look Fit For Holiday
9. Endurance
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