9:00PM - 12:00AM

Ritz Carlton, Lagoon Garden

Rambo Amadeus Concert | 


Antonije Pušic known professionally as Rambo Amadeus is a Montenegrin recording artist, composer and performance artist, living and working in Serbia. A selftitled musician, poet, and media manipulator, he is a popular phenomenon on the music scenes of the former Yugoslavia. His songs combine satirical lyrics on human nature and silliness of local politics with a mixture of musical styles including jazz, rock, hiphop and lately drum and bass, and selfconscious ironic wit; for example, his most popular alias is Rambo Amadeus Svjetski Kilo Car— Rambo Amadeus the World Kilo Tzar, formerly Rambo Amadeus Svjetski Mega Car— Rambo Amadeus the World Mega Tzar (RASMC) (changed in 2012 because of his belief in the importance of modesty in an environmentally conscious society). His stage name itself is made from John Rambo and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His concerts are never mere repetitions of recorded songs, but a mixture of musical improvisation and humor exploiting all aspects of human nature in a crude manner. Some fans compare his style and career path with Frank Zappa.
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