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What Is It?

The ROCHESTON's Certififed CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) certification @ (Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN) Bootcamp is the LASTEST PREMIER cybersecurity & ethical hacking qualification from ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute (www.rocheston.com) New York, USA with up to date topics, the current trends, issues, exploits, vulnerabilities and indepth coverage and intense labs.

ROCHESTON is proud to launch the RCCE program in GCC, beginning with Qatar as the first country to be having the honour to running the workshop officially.

Why is RCCE Qualified Person Important?

ROCHESTON Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) equips you to become certified specialists for safeguarding corporate and trade secrets, digital and intellectual properties, sensitive personal information and of course, for keeping computing devices safe against spying apps and malware. With emergence of smart technologies, the future looks exciting, but are we adequately equipped to handle those technologies?

ROCHESTON offers you the training and awareness to deal with the vices of the digital world: prevent phishing, fraudulent activities, data theft and so on.

A ROCHESTON Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) is equipped with a strong foundation to handle cybersecurity for future technologies and use tools to keep hackers from exploiting the unseen breaches in the digital world.

Who is ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute?

ROCHESTON is a New York based organization that provide training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance programs. At its core, ROCHESTON is an innovation company with cuttingedge research and development in emerging technologies such as CyberSecurity, Innovation, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data and Automation.

ROCHESTON's flagship programs such the ROCHESTON's Certififed CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) , Certified Master of Business Leadership (CMBL), Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCIO) and ROCHESTON Certified IoT Engineer (RCIE) train individuals and companies to thrive in the dynamic and competitive futuristic business environment of today.

ROCHESTON's certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape. ROCHESTON's programs are carefully and comprehensively designed to impart the best of knowledge and understanding about CyberSecurity, Innovation, IoT, Big Data and Business Leadership and help professionals and companies achieve business excellence.

Who Is The Course Provider/Organizer?

SONIC Training & Consulting (SONIC TC) is Qatarbased disruptive training & consulting firm that provides InfoSec Consulting, Services, Learning/Training Development services as well as IT Business Productivity consulting and workshops which includes Azure and Microsoft 365. SONIC TC is Sole Authorized Distributor of ROCHESTON's product and services in Qatar.

Who Should Attend?


•Bachelor’s degree with 1 year of work experience or degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and other computerrelated fields. Potential candidates should also have some basic knowledge in web development, HTML, HTTP, and application security.

•IT Professional with IT/Computer qualifications, or working experience, IT Support Technician, IT Network Personnel, IT Degree Students and those with knowledge of operating systems at a technical level.

What Will You Learn ?

RCCE Course Outline & Program Information

The RCCE course content is so comprehensive and intense with 12 modules or chapters that covers the wide spectrum of cybersecurity.

•The video of the course brochure :The Most Advanced Cybersecurity Course RCCE | Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN | Resecure Everything

•The full course outline & program brochure :Click Here

•The official FB event page is at : Click Here

•Dedicated website for this program :Click Here

to know more details about this certification.

When is the RCCE Bootcamp?

The RCCE Bootcamp is a 7 days parttime evening and weekend program, with emphasis on selflearning and a certification exam on the last day. The total number of contact hours in the workshop will be over 42 hours. The detailed schedule is shown below:

Day Date Time Total Hours
Saturday 30th March 9.00am6.00pm 9
Sunday 31st March 4.30pm 10.00pm 5.5
Monday 1st April 4.30pm 10.00pm 5.5
Tuesday 2nd April 4.30pm 10.00pm 5.5
Wednesday 3rd April 4.30pm 10.00pm 5.5
Thursday 4th April 4.30pm 10.00pm 5.5
Friday (Exam Prep + Exam Day) 5th April 4.00pm 10.00pm 6
Total Hours 42.5

Note: The trainer is very passionate, committed and will go any lengths to cover important topics, which means it might go over 10.00pm on most days.

Where Is The Training Venue?

The ever classy & renowned 5STAR hotel chain in the world, The Hilton Doha. Located at Diplomatic St, Doha, West Bay Area, Doha, Qatar. Participants will be served food & refreshments accordingly as per hotel arrangements.

Who is the Trainer?

The trainer is the CEO of ROCHESTON himself, Mr. Haja Mohideen and has extensive technical background with enormous IT /CyberSecurity qualifications in his 25 years career.

He holds title of Distinguished Engineer® with multiple patents related to mobile phones and operating systems, 90+ industry certifications in Software, Cybersecurity and Internet technologies from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Motorola, Intel, Cisco, HP, CompTIA, IBM, Oracle, SAP. Inventor of patented Cyfone® cylindrical mobile phone and CycleOS mobile operating system. He also invented the patented floating dual screen desktop computer.

Please find the Mr.Haja's LinkedIn profile here :Click Here

How To Register and Book My Seat?

Payment for the course can be rendered via online through our local official ticketing and event partner QTICKETS, at as shown below

* Number of seats are limited to preserved the quality of training delivery and personal touch of the trainer with each participant during the 7 days period.


9:00AM - 10:00PM

Hilton Doha, Diplomat Street, Doha Qatar

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