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ROCHESTONs Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) - EXTREME HACKING NeXTGEN



What Is RCCE?

The ROCHESTON's Certififed CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) certification @ (Extreme Hacking NeXTGEN) course  is  the LASTEST PREMIER cybersecurity & ethical hacking qualification from ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute (www.rocheston.com) New York, USA with up to date topics, current trends & issues, latest exploits & vulnerabilities  and  in-depth coverage on all related topics with fully intense hands-on labs.


The ROCHESTON's Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE), is an 8 days total comprehensive instructor led training of over 40 hours with fully hands-on labs exercises, with certification from ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute New York , USA in collaboration with Qatar University, Qatar.


Qatar University Center for Continuing Education (QU CEC) together with SONIC TC & ROCHESTON is proud to have the RCCE program in Qatar.


Why is RCCE Qualified Person Important?

ROCHESTON Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) equips you to become certified specialists for safeguarding corporate and trade secrets, digital and intellectual properties, sensitive personal information and of course, keeping computing devices safe against spying apps and malwares. With emergence of smart technologies, the future looks exciting, but are we adequately equipped to handle those technologies?


The RCCE® Level 1 covers the foundation concepts of hacking. This course will give you a detailed, in-depth working knowledge and fully hands-on labs to test various hacking tools. You will have mastery over the current hacking technologies and tools. For instance, it looks at Web application attacks, Trojans and Malware, Denial of Service attacks, Metasploit, man-in-the middle attacks, android hacking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, phishing attacks among others, firewalls, cryptography, cracking passwords, hacking the cloud and etc.This course offers you the training and awareness to deal with the vices of the digital world: prevent phishing, fraudulent activities, data theft and so on.


A ROCHESTON Certified CyberSecurity Engineer (RCCE) is equipped with a strong foundation to handle cybersecurity for future technologies and use tools to keep hackers from exploiting the unseen breaches in the current digital world.


Who Should Attend?


  • A Bachelor’s degree or relevant qualification with minimum of 1 year of professional experience or credential in computer, science, engineering, mathematics, or other information technology related fields.
  • You will need fundamental of IT networking, system/server administration and Linux administration/commands skills.
  • Those working currently in system/server administration, networking domain would be best suited to attend this certification program.
  • IT Professional with IT/Computer qualifications, or working experience, IT Support Technician, IT Network Personnel, IT Degree Students and those with knowledge of operating systems at a technical level.
  • This course is aimed for all those that want to pursue a career as a Cyber Security professional.


Who is ROCHESTON Accreditation Institute?

ROCHESTON is a New York based organization that provide training, certification and accreditation in business standards and help clients improve their organization business practices by defining and implementing innovative accredited compliance programs. At its core, ROCHESTON is an innovation company with cutting-edge research and development in emerging technologies such as CyberSecurity, Innovation, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data and Automation aiming at training individuals and companies today to thrive in the dynamic and competitive futuristic business environment.


ROCHESTON's certification programs are aimed at providing highly advanced training to students, professionals, and organizations with the necessary skillsets to deal with the current dynamic global business landscape. ROCHESTON's programs are carefully and comprehensively designed to impart the best of knowledge and understanding about CyberSecurity, Innovation, IoT, Big Data and Business Leadership and help professionals and companies achieve business excellence.


Who Is the Course Provider/Organizer?

  • Qatar University Center for Continuing Education (QU CCE) is the Authorized Training Partner/Center for ROCHESTON products and services in Qatar.


  • SONIC Training & Consulting (SONIC TC - CR 95009) is the local authorized distributor for ROCHESTON products and services in Qatar. They are a Qatar-based disruptive training & consulting firm that provides revolutionary training & consulting services in areas of InfoSec, CyberSecurity, Microsoft Cloud, Business Intelligence (BI) and Learning Development or Corporate Training to organizations or individuals in Qatar and MENA region.



What Will You Learn?


RCCE Course Outline & Program Information

The RCCE course content is so comprehensive and intense with over 17 modules that covers the wide spectrum of cybersecurity.  



When is the RCCE Course?

The RCCE course is a 08 days program starting from 27th September to 06th October 2020, with emphasis on a self-learning platform with guidance from the trainer during the class and hands-on lab activities and a certification exam.


There will be a 3 weeks WhatsApp support group to assist the participants prior, during and after the class.


The total number of contact hours in the workshop will be over 40 hours. The detailed schedule is as shown below: - 




Total Hours


27th September 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



28th September 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



29th September 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



30th September 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



01st October 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



04th October 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



05th October 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM



06th October 2020

3.00PM – 8.00PM


Total Hours


40 hours

Note: The trainer is very passionate & committed and will go any lengths to cover important topics, which means it might go over 08.00pm on some days to cover all topics.

* Number of seats are limited to preserve the quality of training delivery and personal touch of the trainer with each participant during the 08 days’ period.


Where Is the Training Venue?

This will be an 8 days’ virtual class (excluding weekends) with hands-on labs activities and there will be a 3 weeks WhatsApp support group to assist the participants for prior class prep, during and after the class.There will also be additional activities and discussion done in Google Classroom.


Who is the Trainer?

The trainer is the Mr. Amin Yusoof, a Masters IT holder with more than 25 years of training experience both in technical and non-technical area with an extensive technical background in Information Technology (IT) and cyber security. He is also an information security researcher and consultant.


Please find the Mr. Amin Yusoof LinkedIn profile here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/amin-yusoof



Program Fee & Materials Given

The RCCS course is worth normally at QR4200 but currently offered at QR2800 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Program fee includes:

  • RCCE – Course Materials & Slides
  • RCCE Cyberclass/ E-learning platform access for 1 year
  • RCCE – Exam Voucher- Exam (computer based) will be conducted either after a week from the last class date or based on instructor’s discretion of a later date.
  • Google Classroom access for 3 months to all class materials
  • Certificate of Attendance and Course Completion from Qatar University and Rocheston.


* Number of seats are limited to preserve the quality of training delivery and personal touch of the trainer with each participant during the 08 days period.


More Information

If you any questions, or need clarifications please talk to our course advisors via Call/WhatsApp at:

Qatar University:

email ContinuingEducation@qu.edu.qa


email info@sonic-tc.com

2020-09-27 To 2020-10-06

2:30PM Onwards

Virtual (Online)

Available Dates

QAR 2800
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